CCARO History  

On the 16th November 2007, The Cetacean Conservation and Research Organization was registered as company number C5839 (95) under The Companies Act (1995) of Trinidad and Tobago. This non-profit company was founded by Alësha Naranjit supported by Dr. Adrian Hailey and Dr. Howard Nelson in response to a need for increased understanding and protection of the cetaceans within Trinidad and Tobago’s waters. These 3 became the first CCARO directors.

Thus far, the organization has successfully trained volunteers for cetacean surveys; completed a pilot project for the collection of local cetacean knowledge; responded to the sale of by-catch of dolphins with an awareness drive; met in an advisory capacity with representatives of a locally operating oil company to help develop internal local guidelines to mitigate its impact on cetaceans and is currently putting together educational materials for future projects. 

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