What are cetaceans?
Whales, dolphins and porpoises all belong to a group of marine mammals called cetaceans (from the Latin word cetus which means ‘large sea animal’ and the Greek word ketos which means ‘sea monster’). 

Presently there are 80 recognized species (this may change as we learn more about these animals) which exist in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours. Although they are called marine mammals and can be found in all oceans from the poles to the equator some (eg the river dolphins) do not live in the ocean but in several of the major rivers in Asia and South America.

They are actually most closely related to the hippopotamus. Click here to read more about this at www.ultimateungulate.com.

Cetaceans of Trinidad and Tobago
Of the over 80 cetaceans found worldwide 19 have been confirmed to use Trinidad and Tobago's waters (2 baleen whale species, 14 dolphin species, 1 beaked whale species, a Kogia* and the sperm whale) and 10 others may be present according to the geographic ranges of their species. The migratory species will be seen seasonally; those which use a larger Caribbean range will visit occasionally; while the rest will spend the majority of their lives in our waters.
*As we are still confirming the species of Kogia found locally we have not yet included either Kogia species in the section of confirmed cetaceans.

These cetaceans have been confirmed to use the waters of Trinidad and Tobago.
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Kogia sp.
(For details on both Kogia species see below)

These cetaceans may use the waters of Trinidad and Tobago but have not been seen before.

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Awaiting picture of Minkie Whale






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