Field Research: Looking at Wild Cetaceans

Why Is Field Research Important?

Although CCARO may get information from other people, it is also important for us to add to this information by gathering information in a scientific manner using trained and dedicated observers. It is often impossible to get conservation laws or guidelines approved without scientific proof of the need for such protection or if the ability and knowledge of the observers is unknown, especially if this protection interferes with development or business.

By doing some dedicated field research, CCARO can also get more detailed information than they might be getting from reports (as they may spend more focused time with the cetaceans) and can work on answering specific questions. With field research to support all the information the public can supply by reporting their sightings we will have a better chance of discovering what is out there, what protection is needed and of persuading others of these facts.

Current Activity

Thus far, CCARO has not yet embarked on field research due to the lack of a licenced boat driver and funding for the rental of a boat and purchace of gas.

Field Research Journal

Future Plans

Visual, boat-based surveys will be done in areas around Trinidad (and if possible, Tobago) in which whales and dolphins have been known to frequent. Information will be collected on dolphin numbers, location, presence of calves, general behaviour and environmental conditions. Photographs will also be taken to enable identification of individuals which will be useful in studies of population size, individual movement, residency and group dynamics.

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