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ecently created a website to help expose the public to information about whales and dolphins (cetaceans). It will also facilitate easier communication between CCARO and those interested in becoming involved in, or staying informed of, our activities. We invite you to visit CCARO's new website and learn more about cetaceans, CCARO's activities and how you can join us. 

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Have you Seen a Whale or Dolphin around Trinidad or Tobago?

Most people are suprised to learn that we have more than 10 different species (types) of whales and dolphins which use our local waters but it is very likely that many more species may be present. Based on what scientists know about the ranges (area which a species uses) of different species, we may have as many as 24 species of whales and dolphins using our local waters at different times.

Information about the whales and dolphins you see can help us to determine what species live in or visit our waters and what areas around Trinidad and Tobago are most important to them for feeding, mating or calving (giving birth).

If you report your sightings of whales or dolphins to CCARO or send us your photographs or video clips of local whales and dolphins, that information could be an important piece of the puzzle that helps us to better understand local cetaceans.

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Project Updates

Project: Public Knowledge Assessment 1

On 8th November 2009, CCARO began a project aimed at assessing the public's current knowledge of cetaceans and their existence here in Trinidad and Tobago. Individuals across Trinidad are being asked to answer short quizes and are then given explanations and answers to the questions at the end of each quiz. They are also directed to the CCARO website where they can learn more or become involved if they wish.

The information gathered from these questionnaires will allow us to better understand what CCARO's upcoming educational programmes should focus on and will also help us to determine if our education is having the desired effect by allowing us to compare the results of this first assessment to another which will be given some time after our education programme has been underway.

The project was expected to finish in December 2009 but due to end of semester exams and the Christmas season people were not able to volunteer their time and we were unable to finish the required number of interviews needed to complete our first Public Knowledge Assessment. The project will continue into 2010 and we aim to finish at the end of March. Thus far we have completed and databased at total of 48 questionnaires, just 3% of our total number, but we hope that with Christmas and exams out of the way more volunteers will be able to give a few hours in the next month to help complete the remaining 1449 questionnaires.

Thanks to all of you who helped last year. We hope to work with you again in 2010 and we welcome new volunteers as well.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in helping with our projects or getting involved in our activities? Why not become a CCARO volunteer?

We need help with the following:

Project In Progress

Public Knowledge Assessment 1

Administering questionnaires

Upcoming Project

Filling out electronic species fact sheets with relevant information.


Donations Welcome!

If you would like to donate any of the items on our wish list please contact us to make arrangements.

Our Wish List

Professional Website Address  (TT$130)
Contact Information Cards to distribute
2.5" Parallel ATA (IDE) hard drive
Boat driving lessons (beginner)



Thank You!

Thanks to all of you who volunteered to on the Public Knowledge Assessment in December 2009.

Thanks to Kerrie Naranjit from Eclipse Photography for the use of the photograph above.
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