You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
- Gandhi
What is a CCARO volunteer?
A CCARO volunteer is an individual who has officially offered his or her services free of charge to help realize CCARO's mission by working on its projects and has been registered on CCARO’s list of volunteers. 

Volunteering is a vaulable way to contribute to cetacean conservation and with the hands on involvement you will gain valuable skills and fulfilling experiences.

Who can can become a volunteer?
Anyone may fill out one of CCARO’s Volunteer Application Forms to become a CCARO volunteer. You will be contacted to confirm your registration as a volunteer and added to our volunteer mailing list which will enable you to get notices of volunteer opportunities and activites. Please note that there may be restrictions on volunteers under 18 with respect to their involvement in some projects.

Do volunteers need special skills?
No special skills or experience are needed as training will be provided when necessary, but we do expect our volunteers to be enthusiastic, willing to work and to comply with our rules and directions while working with us.

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