Share Information

Click above for information on how to report a stranded whale or dolphin. We will contact a team to provide assistance and collect valuable scientific information.

Click above to report any information (including pictures & videos) collected about a live or dead animal which was stranded in Trinidad or Tobago.

Click above to report information about any (non-stranded) whale or dolphin that you have seen in the waters around Trinidad and Tobago.
Why is this information important?
Any information about whales and dolphins can help us to have a better understanding of them and help to protect and conserve them. Even animals which are dead can give us information that may allow us to better protect their kind. 

Information on sightings of live whales and dolphins, such as where you see them, what they looked like and what they were doing, can let us know what type of cetaceans live in Trinidad and Tobago, where they are usually found and if they use places for special activities like finding food.

Information from strandings can let us know what types of cetaceans live in Trinidad and Tobago, how healthy they are and can help us to understand the dangers they face so we can work out the best ways to reduce these dangers.

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