Fish Responsibly 

Safely store or dispose of all fishing gear

Lost fishing line and nets can entangle and drown whales and dolphins or in cases where this does not occur, fishing gear can injure the animals and make them vulnerable to predators such as sharks or can prevent them from hunting or feeding.


Is your fishing gear and method safe and efficient?

Some fishing methods are known to have a high rate of by-catch (animals that you did not mean to catch) and cause un-necessary death or damage to many animals including whales and dolphins. Choosing methods or gear that reduce your by-catch will not only reduce these needless deaths but save you time and money.

Choose what you catch

If we pay attention to the type, size and amount of fish we catch we can help to conserve the local fish populations leaving more fish for us and for the whales and dolphins. Don’t catch more than you will eat (or sell) and throw back any young or pregnant fish. The methods you choose will also have an effect on whether you catch non-target animals and your need to throw back, so choose carefully.

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