Cetacean Free Diet

How you spend your money is how you vote on what exists in the world.

- Vicki Robin

Do not eat, buy or hunt for whale or dolphin meat

People often believe that if an animal has already been killed there is no harm in buying or eating the meat, in fact, they say "why waste good meat?". While there is some reason in this, more often this creates a market for that type of animal and results in situations where animals are killed especially for sale. If not carefully managed, this can result in the destruction of entire populations of animals. Do not let your money support a market for whale/dolphin meat.

As with any animal, hunting whales and dolphins can reduce already small or threatened populations and can result in the eradication of these animals from certain areas. To someone out on the water, seeing them everyday, it may seem as if there are many animals but whale and dolphin populations grow so slowly that if animals are killed it takes a long time for the population to return to its original size. They usually have only one calf (young one) at a time, which will stay with its mother for several years. Many cetaceans do not have a calf every year, so you can see how huge an impact hunting can be on these populations.

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