Safe Boating 

Some guidelines for driving around whales or dolphins

Be aware that whales and dolphins may surface in an unpredictable manner and if not vigilant you may collide with them or your vessel may be struck by larger whales.

Avoid sudden changes in speed or direction while around the animals

Never approach the animals head-on or cut across their path

Always leave an “escape route” for animals if more than one vessel is around the animals. Communication between the boat drivers can help but it is best for boats to take turns viewing the animals instead of all crowding around at once.

If viewing them limit your viewing time as exposure to vessels can disturb the animals. If you see any of the following behaviors cautiously move away from the animals as they mean that you are disturbing them:

  • Rapid changes in speed or direction
  • Prolonged diving, rapid swimming and changes of course underwater (these are escape tactics)
  • Tail slapping on the water or tail swishing at the surface
  • A female attempting to guide her calf away from the boat 
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